Boca Raton, Florida is home to some of the nation’s best food events and festivals. Famous Florida favorites, custom rum drinks and traditional savory dishes, and the freshest seafood give visitors to Boca Raton a delicious and unique dining experience. It’s no wonder that many Palm Beach events and festivals center on our local foods. Festivals in Boca celebrate just about anything you can think of.

The Boca Rum and Food Festival will bring a new event to Palm Beach County and would not be the same without its wide variety of vendors. We are always looking for new vendors that can bring another taste, flavor or product to our already great group of vendors. Whether you specialize in light or dark rum, local or national brand or classic foods or something completely different we hope you consider bringing your specialty to Boca. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Boca Rum and Food Festival contact us today!